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ISO 21001 Edu. Org. Management

ISO 21001 Edu. Org. Management

ISO 21001 defines the requirements for educational organization management systems (EOMS) when such institutions need to demonstrate competence to support the attainment and development of learning, teaching and research.

The standard has the objective of enhancing the fulfilment of learners, staff and other recipients through the effective utilization of an EOMS, in conjunction with processes for development of the system and assurance of conformity.

ISO 21001 can also be utilized within educational organizations within larger organizations whose main business is not education, such as professional training divisions. The standard does not apply to businesses that only produce or manufacture educational products.

Why ISO 21001 - Educational Establishments ?

  • Better ordering of educational goals and action plans; facilitates quality education for all; lifelong learning opportunities and self-learning; compatible processes and evaluation tools to develop productivity; increased integrity of the educational organization; provides a more substantial experience to all learners notably the special education needs and distance learners.

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